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Looking to reserve space for your group? We’ve got a separate form for just that. Inquiring about a charitable event or making a donation request? Head to our Giving Back page! We’ve supplied the answers to many Frequently Asked Questions below, please browse them before sending your message!

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I Get Your Beer Delivered?

You sure can! We deliver beer locally here in the Columbus area, you can see what’s currently available and order yours now at our beer page. If youd like to get out of the house, you can also choose to pick it up at the brewery.

Who Distributes Your Beer?

Currently, Land-Grant Beer is distributed in Central Ohio by the Columbus Distributing Company / Delmar Distributing.

Southeast Beverage distributes our beer in Southeast Ohio.

We are self distributed elsewhere in Ohio, including the Dayton area.

If you are interested in carrying Land-Grant beer, please use the contact form above to get in touch.

Do You Distribute to My Town/State?

Currently, Land-Grant Beer is distributed extensively throughout the Columbus and Central Ohio Area. Our beer is also distributed to South East Ohio and the Dayton area. We occasionally send a very limited amount of beer to Cincinnati and Cleveland. We are currently not distributed anywhere outside of the state of Ohio.

Can You Ship Me Beer?

Due to various legalities, cost, and our need to supply our tasting room and local market, we are unable to ship beer at this time.

I'm a collector. Can you send me your stickers or labels?

Sure! Send us a self addressed and stamped envelope, and we’ll drop some stuff int he mail for you.

What does the name “Land-Grant” mean?
Glad you asked. Our name derives from the Morrill Act of 1862, better known as the Land-Grant Act. The Act essentially set aside federal land in each state for the establishment of public Universities, bringing higher education to the masses. There’s at least one Land-Grant school in every state, and that includes our very favorite school, right here in Columbus.
Didn't you used to be called Oval Brewing? Why'd you change the name?
It’s true. Land-Grant was originally the Oval Brewing Company, and that was the name we used during our Kickstarter Campaign. We decided to change the name after discovering a trademark discrepancy. It was a bittersweet change, but in the end we’ve come to love the Land-Grant, and think it fits our brand like a glove.
Who's that guy with the 'burns? Is he an old president?
The old fashioned looking dude you see on the wall behind our bar is none-other than Justin Morrill, the congressman who penned the Land-Grant Act of 1862, which was enacted by president Lincoln.
Why Columbus?
In short…we love it. The long answer is “We’re all from different parts of Ohio, but have all ended up in Columbus at various points and there’s something that just keeps pulling us back. We love its energy, support, sports, culture, diversity, and…beer! It’s been a joy to run our brewery and taproom in the Capital City, and we’re deeply grateful for the Community that’s embraced us.
Are You Hiring?
Check out our jobs page to see if we’re hiring for any specific positions, you can also send us you resumé for consideration in the future.

Taproom Questions

Are You Open During the Pandemic?

Yes! Our spacious, outdoor beer garden is open to the public. It’s operations are weather dependent, and we have some special rules and regulations in place. You can find hours and info below, or head to our beer garden page for more info.

Our indoor space is open only for carryout purchases, and is open until 8pm during Beer Garden operation.

Standard Beer Garden Hours*
Monday / 3:00p-10:00p
Tuesday / 3:00p-10:00p
Wednesday / 3:00p-10:00p
Thursday / 11:00a-10:00p
Friday / 11:00a-10:00p
Saturday / 11:00a-10:00p
Sunday / 11:00a-8:00p

Carryout Hours*
Monday / 3:00p-8:00p
Tuesday / 3:00p-8:00p
Wednesday / 3:00p-8:00p
Thursday / 11:00a-8:00p
Friday / 11:00a-8:00p
Saturday / 11:00a-8:00p
Sunday / 11:00a-8:00p

*Beer Garden operations are weather dependent. Check IsLandGrantOpen.com for the latest.

The Mayor of Columbus has signed an executive order that states masks are mandatory in public spaces as of  Friday, July 3rd 2020 to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Patrons will be required to wear masks upon entry to the beer garden and carryout, as well as, anytime they are up from their table. While seated at your table, patrons may remove masks. Anyone not wearing a mask will be denied service, or if this rule is not followed once in the beer garden or carryout, will be asked to leave.

We feel we have been very diligent in our efforts to create a safe space for people to enjoy, and this order only assists in those efforts. Please details of the precautions and rules we’ve implemented below. Cheers! 🍻

1. All beer will be served in cans, no draft beer available at this time.
2. To maintain social distancing, all beer garden tables have been arranged to provide a minimum of 6ft plus space for walking between them.
3. Touchless hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the Beer Garden.
4. Staff will be implementing rigorous and regular cleaning procedures and policies in the service, restroom, seating, and common areas.
5. All ordering will be contactless, via our mobile app. (https://landgrant.app/)
6. We will not be taking reservations for groups or events at this time.
7. The beer garden will maintain its usual hours—other than being closed on Mondays—contingent on weather conditions.

1. 21+, with the only exception being lap infants
2. Per the Mayor’s Order, masks are REQUIRED to be worn in all common spaces and the service area. All employees are required to wear masks at all times.
3.Dogs are permitted but must remain on a leash at all times.
4. Beer Garden operation is weather dependent. Inclement weather will require the closing of the beer garden to all patrons, who must vacate the premises. Patrons will not be allowed to congregate indoors during inclement weather. Reopening after inclement weather will be a judgment call by the staff based on the forecast. Visit IsLandGrantOpen.com for a simple yes/no answer to whether we’re operating on any given day.
5. Seating for each group will be limited to 8 persons per table, and is available on a first come, first serve basis. No exceptions.
6. Your entire party must be present to be seated.
7. Parties waiting to be seated must do so off premises.
8. Co-mingling, swapping of party members, or combining tables is not permitted.
9. Gathering in common space is not permitted.
10. Social distancing guidelines must be followed at all times. Guests must remain at least 6 feet away from members of other parties at all times. Masks must be worn when up from your table.
11. All orders must be made via our mobile app (https://landgrant.app/). Orders can be claimed at the outdoor bar after purchase is completed. Orders cannot be placed at bar. We are not accepting cash at this time.
12. If your party wishes to change tables for any reason, please see the host stand so that cleaning and sanitation practices can be adhered to.
13. Carryout beer and merchandise can be purchased inside the taproom. Carryout beer cannot be brought into the beer garden, and must be taken off the premises immediately.
14. The restrooms inside the taproom are closed for the time being, and outdoor restrooms have been provided.
15. To aid in proper social distancing, please adhere to the “traffic patterns” when moving to restrooms or service areas
16. No outside food.
17. No Games for the time being (Mini Golf, Cornhole, Bocce, etc.)
18. All tours postponed
19. Any customers failing to follow all rules will result in the removal of their entire party from the premises.
20. No Smoking.

What Are Your Hours?

Standard Beer Garden Hours*
Monday / 3:00p-8:00p
Tuesday / 3:00p-8:00p
Wednesday / 3:00p-8:00p
Thursday / 11:30a-10:00p
Friday / 11:30a-11:00p
Saturday / 11:30a-11:00p
Sunday / 11:30a-8:00p

Carryout Hours*
Monday / 3:00p-8:00p
Tuesday / 3:00p-8:00p
Wednesday / 3:00p-8:00p
Thursday / 11:30a-10:00p
Friday / 11:30a-11:00p
Saturday / 11:30a-11:00p
Sunday / 11:30a-8:00p

*Beer Garden operations are weather dependent. Check IsLandGrantOpen.com for the latest.

We occasionally stay open late for sporting events like Crew matches, Blue Jackets games, OSU games, and Browns games. Check Facebook for the latest.

What Is the Food Truck Schedule?

Wednesday / Two Fatt Indians
Thursday / Ray Ray’s
Friday / Ray Ray’s
Saturday / Ray Ray’s
Sunday / Ray Ray’s

More food related info can be found on our Beer Garden page.

Can We Bring Our Own Food?
We work very closely with Ray Ray’s and our food truck partners, and—as a fellow small business—we want to see them succeed. For this reason we prefer that you do not bring in outside food (birthday cakes and other “special” food items are okay). Information about food at Land-Grant is available here, and the trucks are happy to work with you to meet your catering needs. If you are unsure or have additional questions, drop us a line via the contact form above.
What Forms of Payment do you Accept?
During the pandemic we are accepting Credit Card payment via our mobile app only.
Is the Brewery Wheelchair Accessible?
Yes, wheelchair access is available from our parking lot on the West side of the building.
Are Tour Groups and Party Buses Allowed?
During the pandemic, we are not offering tours of our facility. Groups are limited to parties of 10 or less, with most of our tables seating 8.
Do We Need Reservations for our Group?

We are not accepting reservations at this time. Though for some of our events, like movie nights, you can reserve a prime table through our mobile app.

Are Kids Welcome at the Brewery?
During the pandemic, the Beer Garden is 21+. Exceptions can be made for small babies in strollers or carriers.
Are Dogs Welcome at the Taproom?
Much to Gus and Debbie’s excitement, well behaved and leashed dogs are welcome in the beer garden and on the patio. Dogs much remain nuder direct control at all times, and pups creating disruption or unsafe environment may be asked to leave.

Water bowls and treats are available at the bar.

Do You Offer Carryout Options?
Yes! Most of our beers are available in six or four packs of cans. We are not filling growlers during the pandemic.

Carryout Hours*
Monday / 3:00p-8:00p
Tuesday / 3:00p-8:00p
Wednesday / 3:00p-8:00p
Thursday / 11:00a-8:00p
Friday / 11:00a-8:00p
Saturday / 11:00a-8:00p
Sunday / 11:00a-8:00p

Do You Offer Tours?
We are not offering tours of the brewery during the pandemic.
Is the Brewery Available for Weddings, Private Parties, or Other Special Events?
At this time, due to the pandemic, we are not booking large events.