Club Trillion

Play one minute, log zero stats, and you've got yourself a Trillion. Original Trillion King, Mark Titus, made garbage time fun, filling up the web with words while not exactly stuffing the stat sheet. Ten years on, Club Trillion's legacy lives through Mark's 'One Shining Podcast', the World Famous Club Tril Homage t-shirt, his writing for the Ringer, and this delicious easy-drinking Amber Ale--brewed to enjoy at the end of the bar or the end of the bench. Cheers to ten years of fundamentals!

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Flavor Profile
Flavor Profile: Clean/Crisp
Style: Brown/Amber
Style Name: Amber Ale
ABV: 6.00
Hops: Cascade, Columbus (CTZ), Centennial, Chinook
Malt: Bonlander Munich Malt, Caramel Malt 120L, chocolate rye, Craft Master Blend (Silo), Goldpils Vienna Malt, Melanoidin Malt
Crushability: 6
Three Words: Classic, Toasty, Citrus
grist_id: 278
Packages: 1/2 BBL Keg,6pk 12oz Cans
First Brewed: 2019-01-02
Last Brewed: 2021-11-30
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color2: #b30000
color1: #b9b9b9