Bottomless Coffee

Perfect any time of day, this easy drinking Vienna Lager gets a rich, roasty pick-me-up from a big old pot of Stauf’s India Malabar Coffee beans—roasted right here in Columbus, Ohio. Grab a stool, get comfortable, and we’ll keep your cup topped-off.

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Flavor Profile
Flavor Profile: Roasty
Style: Kolsch/Lager/Blonde
Style Name: Vienna Lager with Coffee
ABV: 5.00
Hops: Tettnang
Malt: Dark Munich, Vienna
Crushability: 5
Three Words: Clean, Bright, Coffee Notes
grist_id: 464
First Brewed: 2020-09-23
Last Brewed: 2020-09-24
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color2: #2bafe5
color1: #f5a71d