Twist off the top of this rich, strong stout. It features a deep black complexion, and a strong and creamy Chocolate and Vanilla profile. It makes for the perfect, indulgent dessert. Pair it with a cookie, a scoop of ice cream, or enjoy it all on its own.

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Flavor Profile
Flavor Profile: Roasty
Style: Porter/Stout
Style Name: Pastry Stout with Cacao Nibs, Vanilla, and Lactose
ABV: 10.00
Hops: Bravo
Malt: Blackprinz Malt, chocolate rye, Craft Master Blend (Silo), Lactose, Pale Chocolate Malt
Crushability: 1
Three Words: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookie
grist_id: 467
First Brewed: 2020-09-18
Last Brewed: 2020-09-18
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color2: #110e0f
color1: #295fac