Mans Common Ale

Brewed with 97.1 The Fan's host, Common Man, this beer is a true American Style, the California Common Ale. Brewed using a lager yeast that ferments at an ale temperature, this beer represents one of the original American beer styles from the 1800s.

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Flavor Profile
Flavor Profile: Clean/Crisp
Style: Brown/Amber
Style Name: California Common
ABV: 4.30
Hops: Challenger, East Kent Goldings (EKG), Perle
Malt: 2 Row Caramel Malt 120L, 2_Row Caramel Malt 80L, Caramel Vienne 20L, Craft Master Blend (Silo)
Crushability: 5
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grist_id: 255
Packages: 1/2 BBL Keg,1/6 BBL Keg,6pk 12oz Cans
First Brewed: 2018-10-30
Last Brewed: 2018-10-30
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color1: #6d6e71