Concepted by Land-Grant head brewer Dan Shaffer and graphic designer Bonnie Zhao, Sky Lantern Yuzu Citrus Wheat Ale invites you to take to the sky in this, the Year of the Ox. Find yourself afloat via bright and super citrusy yuzu fruit, which lends a zesty rush of lime and grapefruit to this classic wheat ale. Loral and Cascade hops add a splash of bright floral & lemon character to this light, refreshing beer which will have you staring at the stars long after sunset.

My family and I like to call this our Family Beer because my mom added the bull, my dad added the Chinese characters, and my sister helped with the colors. It was to celebrate Lunar New Year and so it was a hopeful beer. It wavers now, as I write this. There’s so much confusion, rage, sadness, and fear and I’ve seen it’s emotional toll on my fellow Asian American brothers and sisters. And I ache for the Black community who have known too well how exhausting it is to fight against racism. There’s this thing in Asian culture where you call everyone your aunt and uncle or your brother and sister, no matter if they’re friends or complete strangers. When I was younger, I thought that meant everyone was part of my family and that we were all related. Now, more than ever, I feel that we are. So I extend my Family Beer to every single one of us who have felt othered, alone, silenced or oppressed. It can still be a hopeful beer, because through all the fear and confusion, I’ve seen the strings of our community strengthen stronger than ever. #StopAsianHate

Bonnie Zhao, Land-Grant Brewing Company Designer

Asian American Community Services (AACS) has supported the needs of Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islanders throughout Central Ohio since 1976. AACS works to improve the well-being and quality of life of Asian Americans and Asian immigrant families in Ohio by providing social services and empowering individuals through education, training and leadership.

AACS’s Family Support Program (FSP) provides services to crime victims (i.e. hate bias, domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking), helping their clients navigate emergency assistance, transportation, and referrals to partner agencies. AACS also provides support to senior citizens through their Senior Outreach Program and youth programming, Healthy Asian Youth (HAY.)

The AACS Senior Outreach Program provides services for community members who face difficulty accessing public and necessarily resources – supplying case managers who personalize their assistance for day-to-day needs. Because language access can be a service barrier for many, this program is available for Korean and Cambodian-speaking seniors. 

For more information about this program and other services offered by AACS, please visit You can also follow AACS across their social channels:

At Land-Grant, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming craft beer culture through our passion toward the quality and creativity of our beers and our involvement in the community. In solidarity with Ohio’s Asian American communities, we’ll be donating $1 for every Sky Lantern pint and six-pack sold in the taproom to support Asian American Community Services (AACS) here in Central Ohio. We encourage all those who can to take action and stand up to #StopAAPIHate. You can donate directly to AACS online via PayPal at: