Beach Wormwood

What is a sand-loving plant doing in Ohio? Unless you are from the Toledo area, you might not realize that we have a metro park called Oak Openings which is part Oak Savanna, part wetland, and part vegetated sand. While this area is somewhat small and unknown, it is a unique treasure we have in this state.

 The two plants in this pot come from an area that is filled with prickly pear cactuses, false aloe plants, and beach wormwood, all living near an oasis of orchards and wetlands.

 Plant your beach wormwood in late spring/early summer. It thrives in full sun or part shade, sandy soils, and needs watering every few days until it becomes established, and then only when there is a serious drought. These plants will do best in pots where you can modify the soil to make a sandy well-draining mix.