Compass Plant

The compass plant can grow up to be 12’ tall! So, keep an eye on it in the beer garden to watch it bloom. As this plant grows up you will see it blossom with up to 30 yellow flowers that will last over 6 weeks. 

The compass plant can live up to 100 years! As a native prairie plant, this is a holdover from the time this country had prairies as far as the eye could see. There are probably still a few compass plants alive to tell the tales of those days. 

The compass plant gets its name from settlers that used this plant to help guide them through prairie spaces. If you look closely, you will notice that their leaves generally are oriented north and south. (For reference: the taproom is on the south side of the Land-Grant building, and the brewery is on the north side).

Sadly, just like our prairies, the compass plant is endangered. So if we as gardeners plant compass plants, we will have a friend for years to come, and we’ll be able to bring a bit of American history back into our gardens. Plant your compass plants in late spring/early summer. It thrives in full sun or part shade, and needs watering every few days until it becomes established, and then only when there is a serious drought.