St. John’s Wort

This pretty little deciduous shrub produces cheeky little yellow flowers throughout the summer that turn into colorful berries in the fall. This little shrub will set you apart from the crowd by getting a plant you can talk about!

When researching St. John’s Wort, instead of receiving gardening tips, you will be bombarded with health and medicinal benefits. This plant is famous for being used to treat kidney and lung ailments, insomnia, depression, and aiding wound healing. It is currently being promoted for soothing menopausal symptoms, ADHD, anxiety, and more.

What a miracle plant, right? Well, while it has been studied for years, we have yet to find concrete evidence to support any of the claims. It has also been thought to lessen the effects of other prescribed drugs.

For now, let the scientists keep studying the health benefits of this plant, and plant it in your yard for its beauty, pollinator-friendly properties, and ease of growth. It also makes a great edging plant! Plant St. John’s Wort in the spring. It thrives in partial shade and needs watering every few days. Its seeds will be abundant and it will self-seed, allowing it to return and spread year after year.