Sweet Everlasting

This plant has silvery-looking leaves because of the hairs covering the leaves. Feel free to give it a pet! It also gives off a maple syrup smell, so don’t be afraid to smell it too! It is great to have plants in the garden that provide a variety of sensory experiences, and this one seems to have it all. 

Another name for this plant is “rabbit tobacco”. It has been used as a nicotine substitute for tobacco, has been used in sweat baths by Native Americans to cause additional sweating, has been rubbed into burns to heal them, and dried into tea for a cold remedy. It has extensive uses across the board, which makes it appealing to us in the garden. Its silvery leaves also provide a nice subtle contrast next to the dark purple and green leaves of the lyreleaf sage. While not visually overwhelming, its subtle look and many purposes sure add a nice touch to the garden. 

Sweet everlasting prefers full sun conditions and blooms in spring.