This orange juice forward IPA is brewed with three different varieties -and two styles- of hops. Traditionally harvested Mosaic, Cryo-Amarillo, and Cryo-Centennial Hops (Cryo hops are concentrated lupulin from whole-leaf hops containing resins and aromatic oil) deliver massive amounts of juicy, hoppy aromas and hop flavor. best enjoyed fresh and straight from the can.

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Flavor Profile
Flavor Profile: Juicy
Style: IPA
Style Name: Hazy IPA
ABV: 7.50
Hops: Mosaic (HBC 369), Amarillo Cryo, Centennial Cryo
Malt: Craft Master Blend (Silo), Honey Malt, Malted Oats, Wheat Malt, Red
Crushability: 3
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grist_id: 241
Packages: 1/2 BBL Keg,1/6 BBL Keg,6pk 12oz Cans
First Brewed: 2018-08-22
Last Brewed: 2018-08-23
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