The Land-Grant Cultivation Program, launched in 2024, is designed to propel the Land-Grant portfolio of beers in creative and innovative directions.

Any member of Land-Grant’s staff can pitch beer concepts, whether they are fully formed ideas or loose conceptual suggestions. These submitted ideas are reviewed by our experienced brewing team, and those deemed exciting, innovative, and feasible are selected for production.

Working with the creator of the idea, the brewers develop a recipe, brew test batches, and ultimately produce a batch for The Extension, where we present the beer to the public for enjoyment and feedback. If a beer is positively received, it can return as a new iteration of a Cultivation Series beer or potentially be developed into a large-scale beer for distribution through Land-Grant’s main taproom and distribution channels.

Below, you will find an ever-growing list of Cultivation Series beers. We hope you join us at The Extension and share your thoughts with us.



STYLE Wine-Beer Hybrid

ABV 8.0% 

HOPS Hallertau Blanc, Nelson Sauvin


INGREDIENTS Sauvignon Blanc Grape Must

DESCRIPTION Sauvignon Blanc inspired beer brewed with Nelson Sauvin, Hallertau Blanc, and Sauv Blanc grape must.



STYLE Single-Hop Pale Ale

ABV 5.0% 

HOPS Crosby Farms Triumph

FERMENTABLESPilsner Malt, Vienna Malt, Crisp Dextrin Malt, Carahell

DESCRIPTION Single-hop pale ale brewed with Crosby Hops Triumph. Inspired during hop selection last year.

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