At Land-Grant, our Let’s Give program aims to showcase local organizations and businesses that embody the values we hold dear. We are thrilled to announce that for the month of July, we are partnering with Gladden Community House—an organization that has served as a refuge and pillar of support in Franklinton for over a century.

For 118 years, Gladden Community House has been the beating heart of Franklinton, and we deeply admire their unwavering assistance to generations of families in need. They take pride in being known as the “front door to Franklinton,” having become a symbol of hope and stability in this community. Situated in a neighborhood that encompasses some of the lowest income zip codes in Franklin County, Gladden plays a pivotal role in connecting families to essential services that range from food security and rent/utility assistance to homelessness prevention.

What we admire most about Gladden, and what sets them apart is that they’re more than just a crisis response center; they are a home for all—a hub that magnetizes a close-knit community, which has always rallied together to take care of its own. Over our years in this community, we’ve seen generations of families playing on their sports teams, volunteering as coaches, and enrolling children in their highly regarded preschool – which holds a four-star rating. Through their deep understanding of the community’s needs and the trust placed in them, Gladden has become an integral part of the fabric of Franklinton.

As Gladden takes the spotlight as our Let’s Give Featured Partner for July, we invite you to join us in supporting this invaluable organization. Throughout the month, there will be several opportunities to engage with Gladden, right here at Land-Grant – including during our annual 3-on-3 tournament, market and block party called The Heatcheck.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 15 as we take over Town Street for a community event filled with hoops, fashion, beer, music and culture. Come watch sixteen of the city’s hottest brands trade buckets on the Town Street blacktop and explore the local vendor market, all while you move your feet to the groove-friendly soundtrack provided by our on stage DJs during this all-day event, which benefits Gladden Community House.

Additionally, you can round-up your Taproom tab at LG all month long to support Gladden’s efforts to maintain and expand their capacity to uplift Franklinton, ensuring that their programs and resources continue to make a lasting impact.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Franklinton’s children and families, fostering a community where everyone has access to essential resources and the chance to thrive. To learn more about Gladden Community House and ways you can help, check out their website.