Franklinton Fridays

Franklinton Fridays – a monthly neighborhood-wide celebration of the abundant art, culture and businesses here in our community – One of our favorite days of each month, Franklinton Fridays are a day where our neighborhood’s businesses and galleries open their doors to encourage visitors to come into our community and experience all of the creativity and talent found here. Held on the second Friday of every month, it’s a neighborhood-wide celebration of the abundant art, culture and businesses here in our community – and is one of Columbus’s most unique and vibrant experiences.

Benefit Beers // The Label Art

Each month, we release a new Franklinton Fridays Benefit Beer featuring the artwork of a local artist as an extension of this celebration of the art and creativity within our community. These limited edition beers are released on Franklinton Fridays at Land-Grant’s taproom (for enjoyment in the Taproom and in six-packs for carryout) to help local visual artists to showcase their talent and build awareness of their work in a unique way.

The January 2022 Franklinton Fridays Benefit Beer label showcases the work of local artist Ryan Orewiler.

The ABCs // Artist Behind the Can

The first Franklinton Friday Benefit Beer of 2022 showcases the incredible talent of local professional artist Ryan Orewiler, who has exhibited internationally and specializes in paintings, sculptures, murals, and art installations. Orewiler says his art is inspired by urban influences, and focuses on highlighting personal experiences from throughout life. 

While he grew up on the South side of Columbus and graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2004, Orewiler joined the Franklinton community in 2015 when he opened his first studio at 400 West Rich. 

“I’m grateful to the Franklinton neighborhood for providing a monumental experience to connect with numerous genuine people, businesses and galleries,” Orewiler said. “This experience has allowed me to align with many talented artists in the Franklinton community.”

As Orewiler expanded from painting into things like sculptures, murals, art installations and other various forms of modern art, he was particularly inspired by world history, environmentalism, society, mental health awareness, holistic health and mythology. 

One such mural – Orewiler’s “Metal Works”, incorporates elements of Franklinton’s history – including the flood of 1913, and is located right across the street from Land-Grant on one of the neighborhood’s historic buildings.

This TikTok from Orewiler shows the “Metal Works” mural in Franklinton, across the street from Land-Grant.

It was mural projects like this that Orewiler began to create to connect communities and to bring awareness to several topics. In 2020, he completed his “Multicultural Roots” mural on E Jays Drive Thru on Parsons Ave to educate about the multicultural roots of America’s immigrants and of both American and world history during a time of great divide.

“[2020] should be a time of looking back to our forefathers and leaders in the past for our answers to evolve together. If we continue to divide and point fingers, we will be destroyed from within,” Orewiler said of his motivation for the mural – which depicts images of everything from Michelangelo’s Moses to artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

One of Orewiler’s most recent and highly visible downtown murals is the 76-foot-long, 20-foot-high “CHAKRA” mural at 492 E Mound Street was unveiled last April to help others meditate and heal. 

You can view the “CHAKRA” mural’s photos on Instagram at @chakra_mural – Photo by Orewiler

When learning about Orewiler and then looking at his Franklinton Friday Benefit Beer label – a West Coast IPA, it’s no surprise to find an amalgamation of these distinct and recognizable pieces present within his design. With background elements from the black and white “Metal Works” and “Multicultural Roots” murals (among others), Orewiler’s brightly colored “CHAKRA” mural and lighted angel sculpture, “Sophia”, are layered front and center in impactful contrast. The striking, handmade angel sculpture – pictured below – was something Orewiler created in 2018, and has displayed with neons in several installations, including in Schiller Park and at The Fort. 

Ryan Orewiler’s “Sophia” Angel Sculpture Installation at The Fort in 2021, Photo by Orewiler 

In response to his Franklinton Fridays beer label design, Orewiler expressed his gratitude, saying, “I would like to thank my family and friends, my collectors, affiliations and, of course, Land-Grant for creating a platform to showcase my art and the work of my fellow artists, as well as musicians and local talent in Columbus.”

In addition to his murals, sculptures, installations and paintings – Orewiler has also forayed into fashion. In 2020, he was juried into Columbus Fashion Week by the Columbus Fashion Council to show his clothing line; he also painted a mannequin to help raise funds for their scholarship for future designers. 

Models wearing Orewiler collection at Gravity during Columbus Fashion Week 2020, Photo by Tony Bentivegna.
Orewiler shown with the mannequin he painted to raise funds for Columbus Fashion Council.

You can explore the wide variety of Orewiler’s available artwork and merchandise – including his latest t-shirts and hoodies featuring his angel sculpture – on his website ( or on Instagram at He is currently accepting inquiries for murals and other creative projects.