A Land-Grant Collaboration with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

For our latest collaborative brew with our friends at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, we took inspiration from Jeni’s Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream, one of the flavors in their 2021 Holiday Collection, and reimagined it into a strong, chocolate porter that is perfect for these cooler weather days. 

Jeni’s Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream is more than just a recipe in their holiday lineup; it’s the flavor that forever changed Jeni’s life. This deeply milky, almost velvety chocolate ice cream is the reason Jeni quit art school and started making ice cream. The very definition of sweet-heat, this creamy chocolate incorporates red-hot Vietnamese cinnamon and delivers a slow burn of cayenne pepper on the finish. While it’s had many names over the years (most recently Queen City Cayenne), this is its original.

Inspired by this classic combination of velvety chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne, we adapted the flavors from Jeni’s Mexican Hot Chocolate into a sweet-heat porter we’re calling “Molinillo”. Named for the traditional, hand-crafted wooden whisks used to froth up a mug of cocoa, Molinillo Porter is fortified with cinnamon and cayenne chiles to satisfy your cravings for both sweet and heat. You can order limited edition 16 oz. four-packs of Molinillo online for local delivery or statewide shipping, or you can enjoy a glass of it in our Taproom. Carryout of the four-packs is also available from the Taproom and select stores throughout Central Ohio.

Jeni’s Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream is now available in scoop shops, online, for delivery via the Jeni’s app, and at select retailers – including the Land-Grant Taproom – now.