Here at Land-Grant, we are driven by values of quality, community, sustainability and education. Whether you’re listening to our team break down a recipe or beer style on the Beers with the Brewers Podcast or simply scanning through the hop flavors showcased on our beer labels, we are committed to offering you a deeper dive into the beers we’re brewing and encouraging you to explore the variety of styles we offer. 

As a component of our commitment to education, we strive to take our customers beyond our ‘hazy’ this or ‘juicy’ that to teach them about classic styles they won’t always find on a grocery shelf. Our brewers are passionate about brewing these styles for customers to enjoy in our Taproom, and our “Land-Grant University Presents” blog series is here to give you a quick snapshot of the traditional beers we have to offer. First up is the Bière de Garde.

Bière de Garde 

Style: Farmhouse Ale
Geographic Origin: Northern France (Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, now called Hauts-de-France) 
Suggested Glassware:  Stemmed Tulip Glass
Brief Background
Bière de Garde originated in northern France near the country’s border with Belgium, where Saisons were the primary style being brewed. Both styles draw from brewing traditions associated with rural European farming life, and form the style family known as Farmhouse Ales. The Bière de Garde – which translates to “beer for keeping” – is referential to the practice of brewing stronger beers with freshly harvested ingredients and “keeping” (lagering) the beer in cold cellars for consumption in warmer summer months; the higher alcohol levels helped hamper any spoilage as the beer conditions. Bière de Gardes are traditionally very malty, with low hop bitterness, a lager-like smoothness, and bright carbonation.

The Land-Grant Bière de Garde Farmhouse Ale (6.7% ABV) is currently on tap and available in a 10 oz pour at our Franklinton Taproom.

LGU: Bière de Garde Tasting Notes

Visual: Deep red-brown, medium white head.
Aroma: Sugar Smacks cereal, cotton candy, toast, earthy, floral hops.
Tastes: Sweet malt, medium bitterness, slight husky astringency.
Mouthfeel: Medium, drying finish.