From an empty space to a gathering place, what began as a half-grass, half-mud empty lot for the occasional parked car or pop-up event has blossomed into one of the crown jewels of an outdoor Columbus experience – the Land-Grant Beer Garden. Since 2018, our Beer Garden has served as an extension of our taproom, allowing us to welcome more friends, more events and more fun. It helped us all through most of 2020, serving as a safe and compliant outdoor space for people to come together to enjoy a beer and fresh air in an otherwise limited and isolating time for many. (In fact, it still functions as such today.) It’s hosted movies, music, festivals and trivia; two Jeni’s Strawberry Jams, watch-parties, birthday parties, wedding parties, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, and more. Most importantly, it’s allowed Land-Grant to offer a large open and inviting space for people all throughout Columbus to come together and enjoy a beer. 

While we look forward to being able to return to some normalcy when restrictions can safely be lifted (bringing back yard games and mini golf in the turf recreation space, to name a few) – we’re excited to be making some upgrades to the Beer Garden over the next several weeks to enhance the experience and provide maximum comfort to our visitors. In addition to planting trees throughout the space to offer some greenery and shade, we’ll also be working to install pipelines to accommodate gas fire pits for on-demand warmth on the chillier days and nights. 

We’ve already been hard at work (thanks to some good old-fashioned blood, sweat and beers) – installing a large LED screen in May, improving and expanding our fencing, and bringing in more tables in the turf area to accommodate additional safely spaced seating. It’s our hope that these latest updates will be quick and minimally disruptive, but we do ask that you excuse our dust in the meantime. (We already know the construction along Town Street kicks up enough!)

We’ve Come A Long Way
While we here at Land-Grant are always tinkering and working to beautify our space, it is sometimes hard to remember a time before the Beer Garden. Let’s take a look back at its evolution to see how far it’s come!